About Us

Here are Cox Digital Solutions, we’re all about maximizing profitability. In our experience, maximizing your profitability has been the most effective way to ensure we maximize our profitability. We know that happy customers are one’s that continue to do business with us.

Our History

We’ve spent years developing and optimizing a wide range of digital marketing techniques that we apply to every account. Our staff’s extensive knowledge of marketing dynamics provides us an edge over many of our competitors. We know how to get the lowest ad bids, the most cost effective backlinks, and develop the most impactful content.

You reap the benefits of all our hard work over the years. You get that experience. Below you’ll find an outline of our credo, so-to-speak, of how we approach any new project.

Cost Effective

We know money drives many business decisions. There are perfect ways to approach marketing and there are efficient ways to approach marketing. We start from a perspective of efficiency to ensure your dollars are driving as much revenue as possible from the beginning. Once your ROI is favorable, we start optimizing and personalizing your campaigns to present a “big brand” personality. Ads worth remembering.

Data Driven Decisions

Can you imagine only putting fuel in your car when you felt like it might need it? You’d be stuck on the side of the road quite often! Rather, you look at the fuel meter and plan accordingly. Our marketing campaigns are all designed with this simple concept in mind: we make decisions based on the performance data we’ve collected. Regardless of how we feel a campaign should be performing we let the numbers dictate whether to leave it running or not. Cutting out under-performing campaigns help save you money.

Technology Centric Design

Our team consists of several professional software engineers and network specialists. Our ability to gather, analyze, and explore related market data is what makes our campaigns so successful. We know a thing or two about how users flow throughout the Web and know where to meet them for the most favorable response for your campaigns. Modern marketing is about speed, reactivity, and relevancy.