Cox Digital Solutions Launches Smart Select Customization Tool

News June 7, 2011

Cox Digital Solutions Launches Smart Select Customization Tool

Cox Digital Solutions today announced the launch of its industry-leading Smart Select customization tool. Now for the first time, advertisers can use Smart Select to deliver custom campaigns targeted across content at scale using Social, Audience, and Relevance Selectors™ to ensure that the right messages are delivered on the right sites.

Unlike basic targeting that uses contextual cues, Smart Select uses hundreds of proprietary attributes to scan and rank the sites in the Cox Digital Solutions network of more than 6,000 sites allowing for more precise content targeting and better results for advertisers. Recognizing the increased importance of social media in advertising buys, Smart Select’s state-of-the-art intelligence gives advertisers the ability to choose sites that index high for social media presence with the Social Selector.

“Our team has fine-tuned the Smart Select™ methodology for more than three years,” explained Cox’s Director of Audience Development. “This solution provides more options to advertisers looking to refine and expand their media selection and help advertisers engage more effectively with their target users. We are thrilled to be bringing this tool to market – it’s a game changer.”

Smart Select leverages proprietary site selection methodology by using unique dimensions to rank the quality sites within the Cox Digital Solutions network using three Selectors – Social, Audience, and Relevance. The Social Selector™ finds the most socially influential sites in the network. The Audience Selector helps determines that composition of users on sites and the Relevance Selector determines the relevance of a site in a given category. All of these Smart Select rankings enable advertisers to customize their online buy to target those sites that index high for the Selectors™ that are most important to them.

Smart Select limits wasted impressions and maximizes efficiency while providing a revolutionary level of customization at scale. This tool addresses the needs of a changing market allowing advertisers to take control of the media buying process and select only those sites that are smart for their campaigns.