How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Digital Marketing July 1, 2018
YouTube Subscribers Illustration

How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

If you’ve got a YouTube Channel you’ve likely experienced the uncertainty that comes with it. Google changes their policies constantly, can cut your income flow without notice, and political landscapes may influence your channels geographic reach. That’s the stuff of nightmares.

If that wasn’t enough there’s mixed messages about how to effectively grow your YouTube channel. Getting more subscribers is only part of the puzzle. The key is to get more active subscribers! After all, no one wants empty views on their videos. Google might start to think you’re driving automated bot traffic to boost your rankings. Say goodbye YouTube income!

Tips to Get More YouTube Subscribers

It’s hard to know where to turn for help to build your YouTube follower list. After all, it’s not like the most popular YouTube channels are giving away any secrets. For such insight, we turn to those that make a living teaching others how to do so. Among the best is Brian Dean of He’s renowed for his SEO backlink strategies but also offers valuable insight into digital marketing in general.

He knows his YouTube.

Consider the following points of advice offered in Brian Dean’s 17 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers:

  1. Take Advantage of Playlists
  2. Promote Related Videos
  3. Watermark Your Content
  4. Add Subscribe Buttons
  5. Reply to Comments
  6. Embed Videos in Blog Posts

Each of these have their own merits, and we’ll briefly discuss each of them. For a full overview of ten more points of advice I suggest you look at the entire post on the website.

1. Take Advantage of Playlists

Playlists are what people end up with on YouTube. Sure, your video might kill it as standalone content but it can easily get a wider reach by integrating playlists. You should create a playlist for your video if any of the following are true:

  1. The video is part of a numbered series
  2. The video is part of a specific category
  3. Multiple authors publish on your channel

These are all possible ways in which YouTube videos can be added to playlsits to increase view count and total channel subscribers. But how you ask? The benefit of YouTube playlists is they help organize similar content and suggest videos to viewers watching other similar content. Simply put: YouTube playlists help Google know who to show your content to.

2. Promote Your Related Videos

If someone makes it to the end of one of your videos there’s a strong chance they’ll consider watching another one. By adding related video tags to help YouTube understand which of your videos are related, and how, you can make this happen. Doing this along with making playlists will double your chances of getting more views.

3. Watermark Your Content

The Internet is full of people that will steal your content, market it as their own, and not lose a wink of sleep over it. Ensuring your content has proper watermarking can help safeguard you against this. Some videos are much less likely to be victims of copyright abuse.

For example, if your videos only contain you talking it’s unlikely anyone will try to pass them off as their own. Never underestimate the power of technology though! Do these three things to ensure your watermark safeguards your copyright:

  1. Use a domain name
  2. Use your logo
  3. Make it stand out

If your watermark can be cropped out without the video losing much merit you’re not doing it right. Think of your video’s watermark like the logo on your company site. MAKE people pay attention to it.

4. Add “Subscribe” Buttons

This sounds like a no-brainer but you’d never believe how many clients we audit that have no CTA system in place. Sure, there’s always the YouTube subscribe button. That falls victim to banner blindness and does little to motivate a viewer to become a subscriber. You want to be motivating.

Adding annoying callouts to your video isn’t a good play either. Having 5 overlays pop up immediately will only annoy viewers and likely cost you subscribers. Have a ending segment of each video that urges viewers to subscriber, add arrows to the subscribe button, and offer anything you can to motivate them.

We recommend holding a monthly givaway of a prize with significant value. General stuff doesn’t often get much response. No gift cards, no t-shirts, no pre-paid Visas. Think of something in the $250 retail value range, that you can get at a discount, and that is relevant to your service or products.

5. Reply to Comments

If people comment on your videos then you need to reply. Try to ignore the obvious spam comments but don’t overlook all the negative ones. Negative comments are a chance to show everyone else how respectfully and dutifully you deal with issues. Think of it as a way to showcase your customer support.

There’s always going to be a practical limitation here. You can provide meaningful comments by yourself if your channel gets hundreds or thousands of comments each day. You need to outsource if that’s the case. Authorize others to comment on your behalf and provide them with a structured guideline of what to say and how to say it. If they get confused, just tell them to flag the comment and save for you later.

6. Embed Your Videos in Blog Posts

This seems like another no-brainer but many businesses overlook it. If your company blogs and it has a YouTube channel—there needs to be a lot of overlap. Anything you create a video about should have a similar blog post. If nothing else, write 350+ words introducing the video, highlighting the topics, and summarizing any conclusions.

Then embed your YouTube video!

This dramatically increases the opportunities your video has to get additional reviews. Shares of your blog post will direct people to your video as will any social media shares. Ideally, you should create meaningful blog posts that integrate videos to elaborate on specific points. There’s not always time for everything. Just make sure the videos are embedded somewhere on your website too!


This isn’t a comprehensive guide to getting more YouTube subscribers or video plays. It is a fair overview of the bare minimum you should be doing if you’re serious about growing your channel. Google is a fickle mistress that quickly changes her mind to accommodate evolving user needs. Ensuring you’re growing your channel as Google evolves will help ensure your business doesn’t watch opportunities pass it by.