Software to Supercharge Your Website’s Design

February 15, 2019
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Software to Supercharge Your Website’s Design

Website design is a very multi-faceted process. There’s initial concepts, rough sketches, placeholder artwork, beta versions, and then (fingers crossed) actual deployments. Along the way, there’s plenty of chances to leverage powerful design software to help you along. This article is all about how to find the right software to help push your project towards the finish line.

Adobe XD

Adobe keeps launching products without remorse. When we heard of their new user-experience product we kind of rolled our eyes and figured it was some new attempt at fixing something that wasn’t broke (lightroom much?)

Turns out, Adobe’s XD is an incredibly-powerful product built from the ground up to supercharge the creation of initial product design as it relates to mobile apps and websites. Keep in mind, this is all creative-friendly design we’re talking here. There’s no mucking around in backend code or tweaking javascript.


While the entire world is busy trying to sneak a peek up WordPress’ skirt, the Python community keeps pushing forward with its go-to industrial-strength web framework, Django. We’d show you a Google trends’ chart on how popular it is but Quentin Tarantino really f*cked that one up for everyone.

Django isn’t a front-end friendly solution like WordPress and you certainly have to dig around in the codebase to get anything done. However, it’s rich ecosystem of Python-based libraries make integrating things like digital currencies, social authentication, and powerful customized search engines a relative breeze.

While WordPress is trying to become Medium, Django is building a foundation to take over our hearts and minds.


C4D is a newer 3D modeling and animation program that packs a hell of a punch. We were mesmerized by the graphics we were seeing attributed to it so we thought we’d dive in our selves. Turns out, this little dynamo is one of the best 3D modeling software packages out there and makes generating stunning visuals a relative breeze.

We’ve played around with programs like 3D Studio Max, Sketchup, and ArchiCAD before but never thought creating high-resolution animations for websites could be such a cinch. Cinema4D can be used for gigantic projects as well, but its powerful set of features make accomplishing very captivating short sequences a breeze!


Consider yourself warned Photoshop. Affinity has rolled out two tremendous design products, Designer and Photo. Each of these offer a consolidated set of tools, optimized for performance, to help address many of the bloat-related issues of Photoshop and Illustrator. After all, Adobe hasn’t had much industry competition to force their hand at a rebuild lately have they?

Affinity’s new line of desktop publishing apps feature online capabilities, desktop versions, and are mobile device friendly to help accommodate modern workflows. In fact, they’ve been built from the ground up to facilitate workflows that involve a constant screen interaction. These programs offer affordable alternatives that don’t resemble the same species of malware that Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite will rain down on your PC.